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Boxing Accessories Everywhere Inside TKO Burger

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

TKO Burger [Photos: R. Lopez]

TKO Burger definitely isn't going for subtlety with its theme. Design touches reminiscent of the boxing world are all over the restaurant, which will open this month adjacent to Carolina Kitchen in the Rhode Island Row development. Both restaurants are from owner Lance London, who has spared no expense with the buildout, which he collaborated on with 2 Scale Interiors.

While most of the furniture is wooden, with clean lines and neutral tones, the rest of the restaurant is awash with color and decorations. There are professional boxing posters and murals, framed photos of famous fighters, and bright, light-up signs. Several booths have their own televisions for watching sporting events, and there is even boxing mat material on the walls. There's also a bald eagle mascot, jars of preserved ingredients, old school telephones, stained glass designs and other knick-knacks scattered throughout. There is room for 40 guests, with a patio to come later this spring.

The Southern-leaning menu not only features burgers (like a Jerk Burger and a Southern fried green tomato burger). There are also wings, buffalo shrimp, sweet potato fries, desserts and salads. There are non-beef burgers, and 12 beers on tap.

TKO Burger is slated to open April 17.
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TKO Burger

2350 Washington Place Ne Washington, DC