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Bike From Home Stops; Year In Cyclist Vs. Motorist Wars

All the latest news from Curbed DC...
[Photo by Elvert Barnes]

CURBED MAPSBike To Work Day was a bit of a wash, but these stops will be open during the commute home.

ON THE RENTAL MARKET — Now that several college students have vacated D.C. for the summer, these rentals near the city's universities have popped up on Craigslist.

CYCLE WARS — Motorists and cyclists don't always share the road well. Here, we've documented the past year in absurd clashes.

CURBED INTERVIEWS — Curbed talks to Coldwell Banker agent Jeanne Harrison about her reputation as realtor on a bike.

CAPITOL HILL — What are the ten priciest properties on Capitol Hill? Have a look.

COOL MAP THING — This interactive heat map shows the highest concentration of disappointed Wizards fans (and disappointed Lakers fans).

WEST END — Yes, there will be a squash facility in West End called Squash on Fire.

COOL APP THING — What do your modern photos look like when superimposed with classic old photography? Have a look.

BETHESDAThis home may have been a stop on the Underground Railroad.