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Tom Sietsema Drops His Spring Dining Guide

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Tom Sietsema's 2014 Spring Dining Guide is here, and the critic takes the opportunity to revisit previously-reviewed destinations to see how they're holding up. Nineteen places get a check-in this year.

Truth be told, there's a lot of bad news in this year's guide, with a whopping seven places earning less than two stars. The worst review goes to Bethesda's Mussel Bar (0.5 stars), where "The fish smells like last week's catch, and the rabbit is framed with vegetables so undercooked they almost crunch." Cafe Milano doesn't fare much better (1 star). "Cafe Milano hands diners an overpriced wine list ahead of serving them their depressing food: thick, tasteless veal Milanese that's not the least bit crisp, and branzino that's void of flavor, so finish your nicely cooked baby vegetables," he says.

It isn't all tragic, though. Minibar has been re-elevated to its four star status after a controversial review when it reopened. And the humble Thai Square in Arlington earned an impressive three stars.

Bayou Bakery: 2 Stars
Bistro Vivant: 2 Stars
BlackSalt: 2.5 Stars
Cafe Milano : 1 Star
Charleston (Baltimore): 3.5 Stars
Domku : 2 Stars
Elizabeth's Gone Raw : 2 Stars
Graffiato : 2.5 Stars
Green Pig Bistro : 2 Stars
Harth : 1.5 Stars
Minibar : 4 Stars
Mussel Bar (Bethesda): 0.5 Stars
Nopa Kitchen + Bar : 1.5 Stars
Nostos: 2.5 Stars
Ray's the Classics: 1.5 Stars
Restaurant Eve's Tasting Room: 3.5 Stars
Tabard Inn : 1 Star
Thai Square : 3 Stars
The Majestic: 1.5 Stars

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Minibar's staff celebrates [Photo: Twitter]

Cafe Milano

3251 Prospect Street Northwest, , DC 20007 (202) 333-6183 Visit Website

Mussel Bar by RW

7262 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20815 301 215 7817 Visit Website