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See Jaleo's Giant Paella Pan in Action at Sound Bites

The paella pan
The paella pan
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This weekend's Sound Bites event, benefitting D.C. Central Kitchen, takes over the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center this Sunday. There will be live music, a bar battle and tons of restaurant food. There will also be a giant paella pan.

Seasoned D.C. paella fans may have seen the pan in action before — it's a fixture at the restaurant's annual Paella Festival and makes appearances at the Penn Quarter farmer's market and other events. D.C. checked in with Jaleo chef Ramon Martínez Bosch to get some interesting stats about the paella and its weekend agenda.

500: The number of people the paella pan should feed on Saturday. They're making two large portions that serve about 250 people each.
66: Pounds of rice that will be used tomorrow.
30: Pounds of Iberico sausage used.
40: Pounds of mixed seasonal vegetables going into the two batches of paella. This time around, they're playing with zucchini, eggplant, asparagus and cauliflower.
30: Pounds of chicken, bone in and boneless.
100: Quarts of chicken stock in the mixture (which also includes saffron and sofrito).
6 to 7: How many people it takes to get the pan out of its special storage facility
7 feet: The diameter of the pan (they also use a seven foot long spoon to stir it)
100: Pounds of propane gas used to operate the pan.
60 minutes: About how long it takes to break down everything after each use.
2-3 days: How long it takes to prep for a giant batch of paella
10-12: How many times per year the pan is used.

Sound Bites runs from 1-5 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $65 per person.
· Sound Bites [Official Site]


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