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Avoid a Pinterest Fail — Try Bergami's Cauliflower Pie

When he decided to open Bergami's on Rhode Island Row, Mark Bergami decided to try his hand at a cauliflower pizza for the gluten-free crowd. He'd seen people posting about their failed attempts online, and figured he could play around with a recipe himself.

"I was able to come up with a recipe that would work in the restaurant that was fairly simple," he said. He's keeping his technique secrets close to the vest, but customers can give it a try themselves by visiting the restaurant, which has been in soft opening mode the past couple weeks.

The cauliflower pizza received some early media attention, but it's hardly the best-seller at Bergami's, which specializes in pizzas made in the fast-casual style. Customers get to pick their own crusts, toppings, etc. and have the pie made in front of them in two minutes. Bergami partnered with Paul Franco on the restaurant, which he describes as having a functional and colorful design. "When you grow up in an Italian family, they like to do things nice, but still frugal," he said. "We're not putting up $10,000 chandeliers in this place."

Given its location near the metro, Bergami's is catering to the commuter crowd by offering a full coffee bar, early hours (they open at 6 a.m.) and even breakfast pizzas. They're offering online delivery as well.
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