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Carbs Baked with Care: Bread Furst is Here

Bread Furst, D.C.'s most anticipated bakery in years, opened its doors at 7 a.m. this morning in Van Ness.

The bakery is the brainchild of Mark Furstenberg (formerly behind Marvelous Market and Breadline), who opened its doors with the help of a team of apprentices. The bakery has windows at all of its cooking stations so customers can see the breadmakers and cooks in action.

Along with bakery standards, the bakery is serving up cheeses, meats and other goods to pair with its breads. Everything, from caramels to smoked salmon, is made from scratch. Baguettes are made every four hours, and there are plenty of pastries, from doughnuts to croissants. Weekends will bring specialty items such as challah on Fridays and bialys in the morning. There are soups, salads and sandwiches for lunch and a small selection of dinner entrees (the opening menu features turkey tetrazzini and Greek shepherd's pie). They're serving Madcap Coffee, too. Status: Certified open. 4434 Connecticut Ave. NW; website.

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