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The Early Word on Pizza Parts & Service

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Pizza Parts & Service
Pizza Parts & Service
Photo: Facebook
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Anytime the Taylor Gourmet guys roll out a new concept, people tend to pay attention. Pizza Parts & Service replaced their Taylor Charles Steak & Ice cheesesteak restaurant a few weeks ago. Here's what bloggers, Yelpers and others are saying about their pizza (and garlic knots).

The Knots News: FooDCrave writes, "We both really liked the different pizzas we tried and can't wait to go back and try some more.  I was personally impressed with the long list of pizzas that you can order either by the slice or by various-sized pies.  And let's be honest, I will be back soon for those garlic knots. " [FC]

The Crust News: Urban Daddy says, "You'll step up to the counter and order a slice or a full pie. The pizza particulars: thin-crusted but not too cracker-like, topped with housemade mozzarella and your choice of more than two dozen add-ons, like meatballs, salami and bacon. Also: specialty pies like the one with three cheeses, broccoli rabe and Logan's sausage." [UD]

The New Option for the Neighborhood News: On Facebook, Will writes, "Excellente. Very much like We the Pizza, very much unlike H and Pizza. Both good things! Welcome to H St keep up the great work!! I tried/liked the Nonna" (nice and crisp!), buffalo chicken, and soprasetta/jalapeno slices and all were very tasty!" [FB]

The Unique News: Also on Facebook, Callie writes, "Best pizza in DC! Nothing like it In the area- fresh ingredients and Perfect crust. I have been craving the truffle pizza and the one with bacon and arugula. Hope they open up more around the city!" [FB]

The Service Rant: Another Facebook user, Kasie, says, "WORST service ever. Waited 15 minutes for a (already cooked) slice to be simply warmed up. 15 minutes could have cooked a fresh whole pizza!!. After the 15 minutes I asked if I could just have a cold slice and the cashier took the slice aside and sat it down and continued to take and give other peoples orders. What was so hard about putting a COLD slice in a box?? Needless to say, I didn't even eat the cold pizza so I can't rate you on that, just on the crappy service I experienced today." [FB]

The Homey News: Pizza Parts & Service is currently earning 4.5 stars on Yelp with 8 reviews in. Robert W. writes, "Pizza just like home. As a transplant from the Philadelphia area, this is the pizza I have been craving. Great atmosphere and good service. Really excited to have the restaurant in the neighborhood." [Yelp]

The Won-Over Skeptic News: On Yelp, Liz G says, "Honestly, I was skeptical. ANOTHER pizza place on H St? But we gave them a shot this weekend, and wow. I'm glad we did! Pizza Parts and Service comes off as a bit over-conceptualized and just a touch pretentious, but ultimately there are two things that matter (food and service), and they did both of those perfectly." [Yelp]

The Expensive News: Yelper Chris K. writes, "Pizza is overpriced for what you get. About $3.60 for a single slice (1/8 of a pie in theory, but the slices are not evenly cut). For that price, pie should be cut in 6." [Yelp]

The Foursquare Tip: Josh says, "Skip the Italian and go for the Pepperoni. Also check the menu for calzones and salads. Looks good." [FS]

The Delicious News: PoPville commenter Trinidaddy says, "Went to Pizza Parts & Service for lunch today. Had a slice of sausage and a soda, total was 5.50. Pizza was NY style, slice pretty big. It was pretty damn delicious actually. The name notwithstanding, I think they will do pretty well. Welcome!" [PoP]

The Mediocre News: On Don Rockwell's site, user DC Duck writes, "Ate there Saturday. It's not bad, and perhaps the best pizza on the strip. But it's certainly nothing special." [DR]
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