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Sweetgreen and Flying Dog Team Up on Special Beer

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It's a collaboration that's been almost two and a half years in the making. Sweetgreen and Frederick-based Flying Dog Brewery have teamed up on a special beer. It will debut at this weekend's Sweetlife Festival.

"It just naturally came up in conversation as we all became friends," explained Flying Dog's National Events Director, Chip Watkins. Flying Dog had worked with Sweetgreen on the event in the past. "We finally got our ducks in a row and took on the project this year, and now the SweetLife Pale Wheat exists."

About the beer: it's a wheat beer designed to be light and refreshing, made with local wheat (not surprising, given Sweetgreen's local bent), as well as hops from the Pacific Northwest. It has a 5.2 percent ABV with some citrus elements to it. "It's a delicious beer that I think will fit in perfectly with the audience there at Sweetlife," Watkins said. The beer will be sold at seven different locations at this Saturday's festival, and will be advertised on the Jumbo Tron (there will be some other Flying Dog varieties available, too).

But what about those folks who didn't snag a ticket to Sweetlife? Depending on how much is left after the festival, Watkins said he could see them throwing some Flying Dog/Sweetgreen parties in D.C. to showcase the beer (right now they've just been focused on finishing it). He also doesn't rule out the possibility of a future collaboration with the company.
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