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Spicy Foods to Beat the Heat; Fro-Yo ATM

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS— For those who subscribe to the theory that spicy foods keep diners cool, Washington City Paper has it covered. They recommend such dishes as ghost wings from The Pinch and mapo tofu from Sichuan Pavilion during this sweltering week. [WCP]

DUPONT CIRCLESprinkles' cupcake ATM may not be here yet. But the Uber offices in Dupont Circle have Frobot, an ATM dispensing frozen yogurt, Washington Business Journal reports. [WBJ]

A MOVEABLE TWEET— What is it about fried chicken and donuts that brings out the feistiness? When news of Federal Donuts' impending D.C. arrival broke today, a couple fans of Astro Doughnuts Tweeted that the D.C. shop already had it covered. Federal replied with a little smack talk: "If a copycat satisfies you, do you :)" [Twitter]

[Photo: The Pinch]