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Thieves Keep Trying to Steal Roofers Union's Artwork

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Customers, keep your mitts off of Roofers Union's pictures.

The Adams Morgan restaurant is decorated with hundreds of miniature pictures and other framed artwork hung throughout the interior of the restaurant. The artwork was gathered by the restaurant's interior designer, Betsy Marmet, over time from various antique shops. Customers have decided those pictures are up for grabs, and keep trying to lift them.

"It's not a specific picture, more like, any picture," says a rep for the restaurant. "We're going to get out the super glue and red paint." Luckily, the restaurant is on to the practice, and catches many of the would-be crooks. They've lost four, but the doorman catches at least two attempts each weekend.
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[Photo: Roofers Union/Official]

Roofers Union

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