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VICE Writers Troll D.C.; Look Inside Louis At 14th

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[Photo by R. Lopez]

THROWING SHADE — Two writers from VICE have determined that D.C. is the worst place, ever. Curbed looks at their clearly original and thoughtful trolling reasoning.

U STREET — Here's your first look inside Louis at 14th.

ROSSLYN — The parking garage where Deep Throat divulged Watergate scandal secrets will be demolished.

LEESBURG — Look inside NFL Coach Jay Gruden's new $2.5M home in Creighton Farms…right near RGIII.

MILLENNIAL WIRE — Why are millennials leaving the neighborhoods they populated en masse? Have a look.

PETWORTH — People who flip in Petworth gain more dough on average than people who flip anywhere else in the country.

MUSEUM WIRE — A camera in the National Building Museum lets viewers see the construction of The BIG Maze.

BUZZARD POINT — In advance of the June 26th City Council hearing, here are some new renderings of the proposed D.C. United Stadium.

U STREET — New renderings have emerged of the Atlantic Plumbing Project.

LOGAN CIRCLE VS. DUPONT CIRCLE — Do you prefer the loft at Northern Exchange or the nature-inspired condo at The Palladium? Vote in this week's Real Estate Death Match.