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The Red Hen 'Concedes Nothing' to Rose's Luxury

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Rose's Luxury should have won Best New Restaurant, according to two of the Post's food critics. That's one of Tim Carman's arguments for why the Rammys need to start allowing non-members of the Restaurant Industry Metropolitan Washington to be nominated for awards. "How much more influence could a new restaurant and a young chef have than Rose's Luxury and Aaron Silverman?" he writes. Meanwhile, he notes that winner Sebastian Zutant of The Red Hen even gave Silverman a shoutout during his Rammys acceptance speech.

But that doesn't mean The Red Hen has any desire to give up its Rammy. The restaurant Tweeted at the Post critic this morning, "It was a joke, dude. We concede nothing...P.S. Aaron, you can borrow our #RAMMY award anytime."
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The Red Hen

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Rose's Luxury

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