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Kaz Okochi's Boozy Ice Cream Just Got Boozier

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Kaz Sushi Bistro has toyed with liquor-spiked ice creams before. Chef Kaz Okochi has played with such flavors as bourbon ice cream and lemon vodka ice cream before. But the process is tricky because frozen items with alcohol melt very quickly, and high alcohol-content items don't freeze.

"When I was visiting Japan, I got some hints on how to be able to add more alcohol, so when I came back I started experimenting with recipes," said Okochi. He started playing with the ratios and came up with a product he was happy with.

Now on the menu: mojito ice cream, pina colada ice cream, green tea-tequila ice cream and sake ice cream. They're all priced at $8. He thinks they'll be a particular hit with the restaurant's female clientele, as women guests at Kaz tend to be more drawn to cocktails and dessert. "You can really taste the rum and could get tipsy," he says of the mojito creations. Try them at the restaurant this summer.
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KAZ Sushi Bistro

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