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Mapping D.C.'s Worst Intersections; Video of The Gateway

All the latest news from Curbed DC
[Photo by R. Lopez]

CURBED MAPS — Several intersections in D.C. make drivers, cyclists and pedestrians swear and we've mapped the fifteen most egregious.

MT VERNON SQUARE — Check out our video from the grand opening of CityCenter DC's digital art installation, The Gateway.

POP-UP WIRE — Here's a gallery of sixteen buildings that have notably and sometimes poorly, built upwards.

DUPONT CIRCLE — The Patterson Mansion breaks 2014's residential sales record.

VIRGINIA — The Silver Line finally has an opening date.

U STREET — A look at the construction at the Atlantic Plumbing Project.

SHAW — Just down the street there's more construction at The Shay.

COOL MAP THING — Is it faster to walk, bike, drive or take public transit to your destination? This interactive map will tell you.

FOGGY BOTTOM — A map of the ten cheapest places within walking distance of GWU and the Kennedy Center.