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Tom Sietsema Goes 'Round the World at Compass Rose

Compass Rose
Compass Rose
Photo: R. Lopez

Compass Rose takes Tom Sietsema on a world tour. The result is two stars. Mussels and corn dogs are among the hits.

If there's one dish you don't want to miss here, it's khachapuri, a barge of hot bread served with a sunny egg, white cheese and melted butter on top. Who knew that so few ingredients could make a diner so happy? The shareable is a tip of the hat to the country of Georgia, which Previte explored while her husband, NPR's "Morning Edition" co-host David Greene, worked as the company's Moscow bureau chief. [WaPo]

Sietsema also files a First Bite of Dino's Grotto. Don't expect much in way of design, but there are new dishes and a serious bar.

Whoever whipped up soft-shell crabs, draped with a tomato sauce based on last summer's harvest, deserves a pat on the back for his light approach to the seasonal special. Beneath the dining room is a spare bar that helps explain the restaurant's name and is the source of well-balanced Aviations and Manhattans. (Both go great with an order of deviled eggs gussied up with bright orange roe and aioli ignited with Sriracha.) [WaPo]

Don Rockwell visits Momos Nepalese Food in Springfield. "I had several things here the other evening, among them Lamb Choila ($7.99) which was one of the oddest plates of food I've had in awhile. It's possible they'd forgotten this dish, and rushed to prepare it, but what I got was a trilogy of lamb cubes, seemingly roasted, then perhaps warmed via wok, and coated in a turmeric-y curry paste. That was the normal part. But the two items on the side were Funkville: dry rice, and marinated soybean seed." [DR]

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