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305 Fitness's Dance Party Workout; A Bike Share Backpack

Image via ((305)) Fitness
Image via ((305)) Fitness

LOGAN CIRCLE—New York's ((305)) Fitness is opening a studio on 14th Street, with a sexy dance workout that includes a DJ in every single class.

LOGAN CIRCLE—Get ready for a new home boutique on 14th Street, because PoPville says Mara Home is moving in.

RIHANNA WIRE—The fashion-forward singer's longtime stylist is from D.C., and he shares some fun facts about his childhood in Washington with the Post.

DESIGNER WIRE—Racked DC chatted with the lovely Rebecca Taylor about the brand's D.C. customers and about the moment that "made her life" — it involves Princess Kate.

CAPITAL BIKESHARE—Designer Rebecca Minkoff made a cute backpack with Bike Share programs in mind, and part of the bag's sale funds the Washington Area Bicyclist Association.

LOGAN CIRCLE—Washingtonian gets a tip that Detroit brand Shinola is looking for spots to open a store on 14th Street.