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Inside Lunchbox, Bryan Voltaggio's New Sandwich Spot

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Lunchbox [Photos: R. Lopez]

Frederick's loss is Chevy Chase's gain. Though Bryan Voltaggio ended up closing his Frederick-based lunch restaurant, Lunchbox, in Maryland due to a lack of foot traffic, he's giving it a reboot in a higher-density location here in Chevy Chase. It's in the same mall as Range and Aggio.

"We've taken some of the classic sandwiches [from Frederick] and reinvented those," said Voltaggio. That means dishes like the Fileo-Fish, a sandwich with catfish, tartar sauce, coleslaw, and cheddar on a potato roll and the Ma's Meatloaf with pineapple ketchup, red onion marmalade and blue cheese a chive biscuit. Voltaggio is particularly proud of the Old Bay ranch he's come up with, saying it's "like crack."

There are also soups like "Supreme pizza," spiked with pepperoni, and a crunchy kale salad accented with Parmesan granola and chicken confit. Sides will range from healthy (apple slices) to decadent (a loaded potato salad). "I think 'loaded' anything is good," the chef says. Customers can be in and out of the location in about three to five minutes — sandwiches take about a minute and a half to make due to high-speed equipment. The restaurant will also serve beer, wine, shakes and soft serve (blueberry and cheesecake are the opening flavors, and they can be made as a twist).

Voltaggio and business partner Hilda Staples had about 1,500 square feet to work with in the new location. The barn aesthetic of the original is still present. Plants in metal tins hang from the wall, and ropes and pulleys add to the design scheme. Lunchbox opens today and will serve both lunch and dinner.
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5335 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, DC 20015 301-360-0580