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Even Other Bars are Finding Dacha's Stolen Beer Boots

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Glass beer boots are just one of the fun features of German outdoor beer garden Dacha. Unfortunately, thieves are a little too interested in the beer boots, and their theft has become a major issue for the bar this season.

In the fall, the restaurant held the IDs of patrons who received a beer boot, explained spokeswoman Kirsten Dobson. But as the bar became immensely popular, the practice became unsustainable for busy bartenders (plus, plenty of the bar's unique glassware was getting stolen along with the boots).

The problem got to the point where neighboring bar Ivy & Coney began recovering stolen glasses from Dacha on a weekly basis. The thieves would pour their canned beer into the boots right in front of staff at the nearby bar. The bar started implementing a "You Steal Das Boot, You Get the Boot" policy to help out Dacha.

Now, the restaurant is trying to find a balance of managing customers and keeping its glassware (at one point, they were losing close to 30 boots per weekend; now it's more like five a week). Even the restaurant's old computer stereo system got stolen earlier in the month. The restaurant has started checking bags when people are leaving the bar on busy nights. "We know it's not ideal but are working to find the best solution that works for our business and customers," Dobson said.
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Dacha Boot [Photo: Facebook]