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Where to Watch the Fireworks in D.C.; Before/After Photos

All the latest news from Curbed DC...
[Photo by William Neuheisel]

CURBED MAPS — Want to watch the fireworks without heading to the National Mall? Try one of these spots.

GEORGETOWN — Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen's security team has from her Hillandale neighbors.

WORLD CUP WIRE — The United States is out of the World Cup, but so are the teams represented by the majority of D.C.'s international residents.

WORTH 1000 WORDS — The Timera app has been updated so now there are new combined before and after photos.

GEORGETOWN — Check out this rowhouse renovated by starchitect Hugh Newell Jacobsen now asking $10.5 million.

LOGAN CIRCLE — Not all of these are affordable, per se, but we've mapped the ten cheapest properties on sale in Logan Circle right now.

HILL EASTThe Laundry is the most giggle-worthy condo name this year, and it's coming to 15th & Pennsylvania.

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS — Between the suit of armor and the sink closeup, there are so many weird photos in the listing for this townhouse. Vote for the strangest one.