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Four Years at Carmine's Means 250,000 Meatballs

Carmine's meatballs
Carmine's meatballs
Photo: Official
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Carmine's, one of the biggest restaurants in the city, has been open for four years now this month in Penn Quarter. The Italian restaurant group shared some fun stats with Eater on account of their anniversary. Takeaway: D.C. diners really like their meatballs.

· 46,000 meatball orders filled, adding up to a quarter million beef and veal epic meatballs made so far
· 59,476 pounds of garlic used to date
· 8,800 orders of the Titanic, the restaurant's giant banana split dessert, adding up to 53,394 scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice cream
· 64,052 orders of chicken parm
· 435,517 chicken scarpariello wings served
· 9,600 gluten free pasta dishes created
· 605,495 little neck clams used (served in their clam pasta)
· 113, 270 lbs of romaine cheese grated


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425 7th St. NW Washington, DC