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Dupont's Secret Tunnels; How D.C.'s Streets Are Named

All the latest news from Curbed DC...
[Photo by Ryan J. Quick]

WATERFRONT/NAVY YARD — We've mapped all the construction sites in the neighborhoods bordering South Capitol Street.

DUPONT CIRCLE — Here are a few need to know facts about the tunnels below Dupont Circle and the plans for their future.

HISTORY LESSON — We've revealed some facts and debunked a few myths about the system by which D.C.'s streets are named.

CURBED MAPS — Here's an updated guide to thirty-four obscure memorials in D.C.

SILVER SPRINGShark Week is here, so here's a gallery of Chompie the Shark protruding from the Discovery building.

CHEVY CHASE — We've found and mapped the ten priciest properties to hit the market in this Northwest neighborhood.

GEORGETOWN — Didn't know there was a labyrinth at Georgetown Waterfront Park? Find out more about it.

NAVY YARD — Now that the former home of the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency is wrecking ball dust, we've got photos of the aftermath.

GREENBELTThis is how the Greenbelt Metro would change if the FBI Headquarters landed there.

TECH TALK — It seems D.C. inspired the newest app that has inadvertently (if predictably) offended everyone.

PETWORTH — Construction is progressing on Fahrenheit Condos and we've got photos to prove it.