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OrderAhead Will Deliver (Frozen) In-N-Out Burgers Thursday

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The service says it will deliver Double-Doubles to Arlington and D.C. Sept. 25. Will chaos ensue?

An OrderAhead flier in Ballston.
An OrderAhead flier in Ballston.
R. Lopez

Everybody panic — a new delivery service is launching in D.C. that will deliver (frozen) In-N-Out burgers to customers that sign up for the service.

Update: The stunt comes courtesy of OrderAhead, an app that will allow D.C. and Arlington diners to order delivery from restaurants which don't normally offer the service. According to spokeswoman Sarah Hollander, the company decided the In-N-Out delivery would be a fun way to introduce itself to the Washington market, since OrderAhead is West Coast-based and demand for Double-Doubles is high in D.C.

The In-N-Out burger arrives frozen and can be reheated in the microwave. How will an In-N-Out burger taste after it's being shipped from California and microwaved? Unclear. "It's still pretty good," Hollander claims. "They don't come out looking exactly like they do when you get them at In-N-Out, but I think they still taste pretty much the same."

OrderAhead has been around for a few years now. They've already lined up about 100 restaurants in D.C. for delivery, including Cava and Shake Shack (here's the full list). The service costs a $6 flat fee (there is no minimum order). The special In-N-Out deal is $15.

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