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Chop't, You Have Some Competition Maybe

Is Toss'd the newest salad chain in the market?

The Toss'd Logo
The Toss'd Logo

Just when it seemed like salad chain Chop't had cornered the market on cutesy monikers — and that local chain sweetgreen had captured local hearts — there's a new competitor in town. At least, maybe. Meet Toss'd, the latest contender in the surprisingly pack'd (sorry) fast-salad restaurants. ARLNow reports that the would-be salad entrepreneurs behind this venture are looking for backing on Kickstarter to open a salad-focused restaurant in the new Beacon at Clarendon West apartment building. The plan, after raising $50K on the crowdfunding site, is to include late-night hours (like, 3 a.m. on the weekend) to cater to the post-bar (salad hungry?) crowd. [ARLNow]

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