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Boulud Hearts D.C.; Indian Summer at Nage

Photo: YouTube

DUPONT CIRCLENage Bistro is taking the phrase "Indian summer" literally. The restaurant's chef Dwayne Motley is releasing a menu of Indian-influenced dishes that will be available September 23-28 during dinner. [EaterWire]

A MOVEABLE TWEET— He doesn't say why he's headed here, but Marcus Samuelsson will be in town soon. "I'll be coming to DC this fall. Stay tuned for details!" Tweets the celebrity chef. [Twitter]

VIDEO INTERLUDE— So Daniel Boulud is clearly acclimating to D.C., and his restaurant hasn't even opened yet. The chef is spotted sporting an "I Heart D.C." T-Shirt in this promotional video for the upcoming Chefs for Equality event, along with The Inn at Little Washington's Patrick O'Connell. O'Connell is cooking at the event Sept. 23 (Boulud is offering an auction item). [YouTube]

Editor's Note: A spokesman for Boulud said he is not cooking at the Chefs for Equality event, as originally reported.

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