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Gasp! A Pork Shortage is Blocking D.C.'s Chipotle Customers from Inhaling Carnitas (Updated)

A spokesman for Chipotle cites inconsistencies with its pork suppliers.

Possible bad news for anyone who's craving a Chipotle carnitas bowl: PoPville notes that two Chipotles (one in Glover Park and one on 14th Street) both had signs up saying, "Sorry, no carnitas. Due to supply constraints, we are currently unable to serve our Responsibly Raised pork."

Eater reached out to Chipotle this morning about this possible pork shortage in Washington.

UPDATE: A spokesman for Chipotle sent the following response to Eater:

"We did suspend a pork supplier after a routine audit showed some inconsistencies with our protocol. Under our standards, pigs are raised with access to the outdoors or in deeply bedded barns and without the use of antibiotics. Because of this suspension, we have a shortfall in our pork supply and are currently not serving our carnitas (which is pork) in about a third of our restaurants.

We could fill this shortfall with conventionally raised pork, but the differences in our pigs are raised conventionally is in stark difference with our protocol in some very important animal welfare areas. Rather than compromise the standard, we have opted to stop serving pork in some of our restaurants rather than compromise our standards."