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Zentan's Changing Their Omakase Dinners and Adding a Toast With The Chef

Chef Yo Matsuzaki is putting his own izakaya-style spin on Zentan’s omakase experience.

Zentan's Executive Chef Yo Matsuzaki
Zentan's Executive Chef Yo Matsuzaki
Greg Powers

Zentan's new executive Chef Yo Matsuzaki started at the restaurant in the fall and inherited the restaurant's popular Thursday night omakase dinner series. And now he's putting his own spin on omakase (where the chef calls the shots and the diners sit back and eat what's prepared), starting tonight. Matsuzaki will adhere to kaiseki principles of seasonal preparation and sourcing, but things are going to get a bit more relaxed. And more interactive, too. The chef will toast in celebration with diners at the end of each omakase meal.

As part of his changes, Matsuzaki is adding more izakaya-style offerings. Sample dishes include slow braised foie gras wrapped in cabbage, potato, daikon radish and egg, as well as koji miso salmon tataki with iced onion and sesame dressing and nori-wrapped uni and shishito pepper tempura in a light batter. The omakase experience, one of many in the city, is $65 per person exclusive of alcohol, and includes approximately 5 to 8 dishes depending on diners' appetite.

Zentan is also launching two whisky flights, starting on Monday during dinner and bar hours. The 12 Year Flight will feature three ¾ oz. pours priced at $30, and their Single Malt Flight will be priced at $40.


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