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Graffiato Rethinks Notorious B.I.G Menu; Fire at District 2

Plus, scathing restaurant reviews, another CakeLove closes and a good deal at Restaurant Nora.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

PENN QUARTERGraffiato has updated its menu for the Notorious B.I.G. tribute dinner it's planning (the original sample menu posted caused a mini-uproar for dishes like "thug rice"). The most controversial items have been removed. [WCP]

CLEVELAND PARK— District 2 Bar and Grille suffered a fire on New Year's Day, Washingtonian reports. The bar is now temporarily closed. [Washingtonian]

THE CRITICS— Eater National rounded up the most scathing restaurant reviews across the country. Among them: Todd Kliman's pan of America Eats Tavern. [EN]

DUPONT CIRCLE— Thirty six years of Restaurant Nora means a $36 special menu. It's available throughout January. [EaterWire]

SHIRLINGTON— CakeLove has closed in Shirlington. There's still a U Street location but its Maryland cafes have already closed. [ARLNOW]