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D.C. Can't Escape Bone Broth — Now It's at Red Apron

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They're making three varieties of the trendy substance.

Red Apron Penn Quarter.
Red Apron Penn Quarter.

Halsa was first. Red Apron is now on the bone broth bandwagon. Will it officially become a trend in Washington?

Chef Nathan Anda has decided to offer bone broth at Red Apron's Penn Quarter location starting Monday. They'll be offered in to-go cups along with a menu of spice blends in both 8 oz and 12 oz portions.

Bone broth drinkers will get to choose from smoked chicken, pork and beef varieties. The broths are $4.25 for a small and $5.50 for the larger options. The meats are simmered for at least 36 hours. Customers can pick from such spice options as lemon and thyme; turmeric, orange and cinnamon; basil, ginger, jalapeno and lime; and fennel pollen, oregano, lemon, garlic and chili flake. The spices are an extra $0.50.

Anda has been making broth in the kitchen for years, but became interested in the health benefits after a friend said it aided in fighting an auto-immune disorder, according to a press release.

Red Apron Butchery

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