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Eater Readers Miss 21 Federal, Palena, Tung Bor Harbor and More

Eater asked readers which restaurants they missed the most.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

In anticipation of Classics Week, Eater asked readers which now-shuttered restaurants they missed the most. Among the responses to the tipline: Michel Richard's Citronelle, sushi restaurant Kushi, Marriott classic Hot Shoppes and 21 Federal from D.C.'s Bob Kinkead.

Eater reader Kirk writes 21 Federal was "the first 'sophisticated' place that I went to when I became a professional in DC. Went any time I could go — recruiting lunches, client dinners, etc. That space (on L Street) went through about ten places after that without success."

Reader and restaurant publicist Wendy Gordon says of Citronelle, "Obviously, I didn't go there often (my pocketbook couldn't withstand that), but I miss having a classic fine dining outlet. I loved even just going to their bar — it was so civilized. And their open kitchen with the Chef's Table. The artistry of the food, the quality, the 'European' style service. There is something to be said for making the meal your evening's entertainment, and it was always just so gorgeous and delicious. Thankfully, we still have some of their alumni in town cooking, but I do miss that experience."

Eater writer Ross Perkins also has a special fondness for Palena — it's where he and his now-partner Francisco decided to become exclusive after a night out bowling. "Despite being way under-dressed for the occasion, we sat down and immediately the waiter brought us two glasses of champagne," he remembered. "We ate course after course of amazing dishes and that night we had our DTR - determine the relationship - conversation and became official boyfriends. That was back in 2012. We never went back to Palena. We always assumed it would be there because it was such a well-known and well-loved restaurant."

On Twitter, @DupontCircleDC has a number of missed restaurants. "Ceiba, Palena, Casa Oaxaca #RIP older? Fuzio (was great) and the old Sushi Taro." On Facebook, reader Gabriel misses Restaurant 3 in Clarendon. And the forums, readers are chatting about everything from Tung Bor Harbor in Wheaton to Eleventh Street Lounge in Clarendon.