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Can You Name the Shuttered DC Restaurant By Its Dining Room Photo?

Take the quiz, and see how good your memory is.

How well do you remember D.C.'s departed restaurants? Try to recall the restaurant featured by its interior photo (Eater stuck to restaurants that have closed somewhat recently, to make things a little easier on the crowd). Answers are below this photo of the recently-closed-but-reopening Summers.

Summers / Photo Facebook

1. Citronelle (Photo: Courtesy Michel Richard).

2. Casa Nonna (Photo: Eater DC)

3. Kushi (Photo: R. Lopez)

4. Posh Supper Club (Photo: Official)

5. Palena (Photo: R. Lopez)

6. Elisir (Photo: R. Lopez)

7. Meatballs (Photo: R. Lopez)

8. Agraria (Photo: NDFU/Agraria)

9. Bangkok Joe's (Photo: Fredde Lieberman)

10. Ten Penh (Photo: Chris Granger).