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Let's Play a Game — How Many Restaurants in this 1961 D.C. Guide Still Exist?

Not many.

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The Monocole
The Monocole
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Genghis Khan Pan-Asian Restaurant. Water Gate Inn Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant. Casino Royal Restaurant. Twelve "hotel and motel dining rooms."

Those are some of the restaurants listed on this Official Washington Guide, 1961. It's a fun walk back in time to see what restaurants D.C. is promoting. Plenty of American and French — nothing in the Ethiopian or Thai or Japanese categories. How many places on there still exist today? Take a guess, and find the answer beyond the guide.

Official Washington Guide 1961

Eater counted six, including Billy Martin's Tavern, Mrs. K's Tollhouse, Old Europe, The Monocle, Normandy (now Normandie) Farm and The Occidental. Some fairly recently-departed places are on there, too, like The Brickskeller (now Bier Baron) and O'Donnell's Sea Grill. And not to worry, 60s tourists — D.C. boasted "several area locations" of McDonald's.

Thanks to Eater reader and real estate broker Jeff Edelstein of Roadside Development for sending along the guide.