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The Next Ted's Bulletin Opening Means Pop Tarts for Gaithersburg

Feb. 2 is the projected opening date for the location at Downtown Crown.

Pop Tarts at Ted's Bulletin.
Pop Tarts at Ted's Bulletin.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Get ready for pop-tarts, Gaithersburg. Ted's Bulletin is planning to open its latest location in the Downtown Crown development Feb. 2.

The design is meant to evoke the train station that was built in Gaithersburg back in 1884, though some elements of Ted's design will mirror other locations. There will be room for 160 people with an outdoor patio and counter seating as well.

Like other Ted's, there will be nightly dinner specials (like pasta and burgers), early morning breakfast and alcoholic milk shakes.