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An All-Vegetarian Tasting Menu at 2941, Whole-Animal Cooking Options, More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

2941 Restaurant
2941 Restaurant
2941 Restaurant/Facebook

Whole animal cooking

DCist rounds up a handdful of DC places that are happy to bring, say, an entire roast pig right to your table. These are restaurants that offer "whole animal roast" options, for groups from six to 100. [DCist]

Veg-first week-starter

Northern Virginia has the low-down on 2941 Restaurant's new Monday offering: "Meatless Monday," an eight-course vegetarian tasting menu. Chef Bertrand Chemel tells the magazine that they've tried this before to little success — but thinks the times have changed enough for this to be a welcome edition. [NorVa]

Inside Oz

Washingtonian has an inside look at Australian restaurant Oz, which opens today in Clarendon. [Washingtonian]

What's happening?

Zagat has a list of can't-miss food events in October. Definitely on the list? The Metro Cooking Show, which has Giada De Laurentiis as a headliner. [Zagat]