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The Prospect Urges Eater Readers to 'Eat My Cocktail'

Vodka is involved.

The Prospect's Cocktail Week drink
The Prospect's Cocktail Week drink
R Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

For its addition to Cocktail Week, bar manager Chad Spangler has created the Eat My Cocktail, a drink using a new product from Absolut called Absolut Oak.

"Oak is basically Absolut that is slightly aged in oak barrels which lends a bolder flavor and body to the cocktail," Spangler explained. "We created a seasonal ginger beer to pair with the vodka, which we make from fresh pressed Granny Smith apples, ginger, Chinese 5 spice and English Apple Cider yeast that we allow to ferment for two weeks. It is a fun product because it is technically 'alive'."

He elaborates: "As the yeast eats the sugar, the ginger beer becomes drier — so we have to taste it and add more sugar and lime juice to balance it every day. A good amount of carbonation is produced through the natural fermentation (and alcohol too!), but we also add carbonation through our cocktail keg. We just pour the ginger beer from our draft system."

Try it this week for $11.

The Prospect

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