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Poste Will Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers into Cocktails Next Month

Never toss those yams.

Justin Hampton mixing holiday cocktails at Poste
Justin Hampton mixing holiday cocktails at Poste
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Poste bartender Justin Hampton takes Thanksgiving leftovers seriously. Especially since he had such a hard time actually snagging any growing up.

Coming up with in a big family, his two siblings and four stepsiblings "all grew up together...all get along — except on Thanksgiving." That's when it became survival-of-the-fittest when it comes to snagging Thanksgiving meal remnants, and often his brothers and sisters would win out, raiding the kitchen while Hampton was busy doing the dishes.

Hampton will salute those coveted leftovers next month at Poste. He's come up with several cocktails that highlight standards from the Thanksgiving plate: candied yams, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and even turkey.

For his turkey-influenced cocktail, Hampton fat-washed a batch of Wild Turkey (get it?) bourbon as the base for his drink. He's turned cranberry sauce into a syrup for the cranberry cocktail, combining it with gin, candied cranberries and rosemary. The pumpkin pie drink involves throwing a whole pie into a Vitamix to get that hot cocktail started. The hot candied-yam drink is served with bruleed marshmallows on top.

The drinks will appear on Poste's menu during the week leading up to Thanksgiving, Hampton hopes to keep theme cocktails going as other holidays approach.

Thanksgiving leftovers cocktails [Photo: Official]

Thanksgiving leftovers cocktails [Photo: Official]

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