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Guy Fieri Is Searching for Flavortown in D.C. RIGHT NOW

Which restaurants will the TV personality visit today? Eater's Twitter-stalking the Food Network star.

Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Human blow torch Guy Fieri is in D.C. today, reportedly filming an episode (or more) of his show "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives."

Eater is going to be tracking his whereabouts as he, his spiky hair and his convertible are spotted around town.

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What we know:

Earlier this week, Borderstan first spotted news that the Food Network's bro-tastic TV star was scheduled to be in town today. A filming notice says he'll be in Dupont Circle at some point today. But reps for such restaurants as Bub & Pop's and The Greek Deli have denied to Eater that Fieri is headed their way.

First Sighting:

Hill Now reports the wacky-haired wonder popped into Toki Underground for filming. Eater has reached out to Toki's representative but can't confirm this, as the ramen shop is neither a drive, diner or a dive.

More media weigh in:

Count Washingtonian magazine in the camp that thinks Guy is filming at Bub and Pop's later today. Their prediction leans hard on the fact the sandwich shop is closed for a private event today and tomorrow. Eater got denials from both a co-owner of Bub and Pop's and a worker earlier this week.

Second sighting:

One tweeter allegedly spots the Fieri heading into Bub and Pop's after all:

Now his infamous red convertible has been spotted too:

Finally there's photographic evidence! Even from far away, there's no denying that platinum-frosted hair could only belong to the mayor of Flavortown himself, who is at least on the block of Bub and Pop's.

Crowds are now gathering outside Bub and Pop's for a glimpse of the friar of fried foods:

Wait, is this Guy Fieri fan high on donkey sauce?

Local chefs weigh in:

Even D.C.'s hometown culinary hero is stoked about Guy gracing the city with his presence:

Third Sighting:

Hey! That's not a red Camaro! Fieri and co. emerge from a black SUV instead.

Fourth Sighting:

Guy's officially in the building (photo courtesy of Eater reader Scott)!

Another stop?

Three different tipsters, including one claiming to have been at the filming, have reported that Fieri also made a stop at The Carving Room before hitting Bub & Pop's. As of now, this is unconfirmed — calls to the restaurant went unanswered Friday afternoon. Update: A rep for the restaurant has confirmed Fieri stopped there.

Fifth Sighting:

The Guy snaps a picture of himself with José Andrés at barmini:

Share any additional Fieri sightings this weekend in the comments below.