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Dacha Owners May Sell, Anxo's Cider Residency, More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

Dacha Beer Garden
Dacha Beer Garden
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Dacha Problems

Dacha Beer Garden is warring with the ANC over capacity issues. As a result, the owners are contemplating selling the business to a German beer brand. [WCP]

Iron Will

Neyla chef Will Artley completed the Maryland Ironman race over the weekend. The chef has lost more than 100 pounds over the past couple of years as part of his health and fitness journey, and is in the midst of planning a raw food pop-up.

Banking on the Half-Smoke

There are changes ahead for Bold Bite. Along with renovations and a new coffee program, the restaurant just reworked its name to be Bold Bite Burgers, Half Smokes and Salads, indicating a move away from hot dogs.

A club for cider fans

Anxo, the upcoming pintxos and cider bar, has set up a brief residency in Petworth. They'll appear monthly at Colony Club, serving up classes and drinks.