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Will Artley OUT at Neyla

The chef — now an Ironman — has a new gig, but he's keeping quiet about it.

Will Artley
Will Artley
Courtesy photo
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Will Artley has left Neyla restaurant.

The chef came on to revamp the Reston restaurant's menu in August, not long after it relocated from Georgetown. Artley tells Eater he has a new opportunity lined up that he couldn't say no to, but couldn't share any details about it at this time. He would say, though, that he's headed back to the District.

"It's a perfect fit — it will match my style perfectly," he said.

Artley, who's emerged as a fitness and healthy eating advocate after his dramatic weight loss in recent years, completed the Maryland Ironman race over the weekend. In the meantime, he's taking a vacation after his big race.