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All Signs Point to Momofuku and Milk Bar Opening Very, Very Soon

Lots of activity is going on in the spaces at CityCenter DC.

Outside Momofuku and Milk Bar
Outside Momofuku and Milk Bar
Meredith Bethune/

Lots of activity is happening inside and outside the spaces for Momofuku and Momofuku Milk Bar, opening within CityCenterDC — likely very soon.

UPDATE: Milk Bar officially opened for business Friday morning.

Eater walked by the space this afternoon, and while the restaurant is still not open, the dining room looked just about complete. Drinking glasses and chopsticks looked ready for service, and there were people eating inside Momofuku. David Chang and Christina Tosi were also inside the building, and prep cooks were chopping broccoli and herbs inside the kitchen facing the street. An employee who answered the door said they would be opening "sometime soon" but wouldn't clarify further.

At Milk Bar, employees were also busy inside. Cookies were stacked up within the location along with copies of the two Milk Bar cookbooks and bottles of cereal milk.  A tipster saw the Milk Bar sign lit up late last night, with staff meetings taking place inside the space.

Momofuku reps have continuously declined to provide an estimate (beyond 2015) for when the restaurants might open (Eater reached out again today for any update). Milk Bar chef Christina Tosi is scheduled to discuss her cookbook, as well as the restaurant opening, at an event at the Smithsonian tonight. Signs on the windows indicated there will be a private event at the restaurant tonight.

UPDATE: A rep reiterated this afternoon that they don't have a timeline to provide on opening, but encouraged those interested to sign up for the restaurant's mailing list for further info.

View of Milk Bar from the street [Photo: Meredith Bethune]

View of Milk Bar from the street [Photo: Meredith Bethune]

—Missy Frederick contributed to this report