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BlackSalt is Back In Action After its Refresh

The restaurant has reopened after several weeks of getting work done.

Blacksalt fishmonger M.J. Gimbar
Blacksalt fishmonger M.J. Gimbar
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

BlackSalt is back, ready to serve up some new seafood dishes to the Palisades — all in a revamped setting.

The new design comes courtesy of Molly Allen (Atreus Works), and there are new booths, banquettes, bathrooms, tables, even tableware. The doors are new and the storefront has been repainted (ceiling titles and lighting fixtures got updated, too). They've also done some rearranging of the layout, moving the hostess stand to the front of the cafe. There's a new wood-burning grill and ice machine, too.

Along with a new look comes new menu items. Butter-poached lobster with cauliflower, brussels sprouts and celery puree, new mussels preparations and a prawn and red miso stew with shrimp dumplings are among the additions.


4883 Macarthur Boulevard NW, Washington, DC 20007 202 342 9101