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Bacon Warnings, Wagyu at The Shaw Bijou, More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

R. Lopez

Dessert theater

There's less than a month left to catch Signature Theatre's "Cake Off," a new musical that satirizes, of all things, bakery competitions. Though critic Peter Marks calls it "only sporadically tasty."

Drink your nostalgia

Barmini has a whole new slate of 80s-inspired cocktails (they kicked off the mini-menu on Back to the Future day). Try a modern take on a Blue Hawaiian, Kamakazi, Miami Vice and more. Perhaps a pre-game option before a screening of the "Jem" reboot?

What? Bacon is bad for you?

In news that probably shouldn't shock anyone, the World Health Organization has come out even more aggressively against foods like bacon and hot dogs. A new report links them to cancer. [WaPo]


Check out this wagyu beef being prepped for the upcoming opening of The Shaw Bijou next month...

I'll see these guys at the opening... 50 day dry aged wagyu @theshawbijou

A photo posted by Kwame Onwuachi (@bastedmind) on

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