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Momofuku Mania Hits D.C.'s Social Media Channels

They can't get enough pork buns and compost cookies.

The line outside Momofuku Milk Bar
The line outside Momofuku Milk Bar
R. Lopez

Washingtonians have eagerly awaited the opening of Momofuku's and Milk Bar's D.C. locations ever since superstar chef David Chang confirmed it was happening over a year ago.

Posts about the openings inside CityCenterDC started trickling in on Thursday afternoon. They reached a fever pitch over the weekend, especially after Milk Bar abruptly opened on Friday followed by Momofuku CCDC on Saturday. Here's how it all went down over social media:

Tweeters started noticing a flurry of activity inside Momofuku and Milk Bar in CityCenterDC last Thursday, but there was still no official word on an opening date at the time:

Panic ensued when Milk Bar officially opened at 7 a.m. the following morning:

Some got there early enough to get in without too much of a wait:

But the line grew to a two hour wait over the course of the weekend:

Those who persevered were rewarded with new and classic menu items like Thanksgiving croissants, compost cookies and cereal milk soft serve:

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David Chang then opened the restaurant as Momofuku CCDC after a surprise announcement on Instagram on Saturday afternoon:

Those waiting in the Saturday evening Milk Bar line were right there and grabbed a table on Momofuku CCDC's opening night:

A few others managed to get in on Saturday and Sunday. They tried the restaurant's four different types of buns, their famous ramen, and the rest of the menu:

Momofuku CCDC

1090 I Street Northwest, , DC 20001 (202) 602-1832 Visit Website

Momofuku Milk Bar

1090 I St NW, Washington, D.C. 20001 (855) 333-6455