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D.C.'s Momofuku Will Let Customers Reserve Fried Chicken, Bo Ssam

Reservations went live this morning.

Bo Ssam at Momofuku's Toronto location.
Bo Ssam at Momofuku's Toronto location.
Gabriele Stabile/Official
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Though D.C.'s Momofuku CCDC restaurant will largely serve walk-in customers, a limited number of reservations went online this morning on the restaurant's website.

But in addition to reserving the ability to dine a la carte, customers can also reserve two different large-format menus the restaurant will offer. The restaurant serves bo ssam family-style, including a slow-cooked pork shoulder, shrimp cocktail, moo shu pancakes, bib lettuce and various sauces. That menu is $225 per party of 6-10 people.

Meanwhile, there's fried chicken for $135 (4-8 people). That menu involves two whole chickens (Southern-style and Korean-style), moo shu pancakes, sauces and more.

Reservations are required for both special menus, according to a spokeswoman.