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Tadich Grill Gets Yelp-bombed, Nightclub Owners Unite, More Intel

Mini-news bites for the morning.

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Tadich Grill
Tadich Grill
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.


The article this week that went into the past of Tadich Grill's owners, who reportedly cut off their daughter after she married a black man, isn't sitting well with diners. WaPo reports the restaurant is getting a bunch of negative feedback on Yelp as a result of the controversy. One sample: "I'm sure this establishment won't miss my consumer dollars, but I can't in good faith patronize a business with a known history of racism." The site is being covered now with an "Active Cleanup Alert" notice. [WaPo]

Don't take away their bacon

The link between bacon and cured meats may have made headlines, but it isn't necessarily changing minds. WaPo talks to restaurant owners, bacon merchandise sellers and diners, and no one seems all that concerned. [WaPo]

Coming together

Eleven D.C. nightclub owners are forming a trade association of sorts. Their plan: to fight against noise restrictions and minimum wage hikes. [WBJ]

Hockey's home away from home

Mari Vanna continues to be the Washington restaurant of choice for Russian hockey players, whether it be the home team or visitors:

Evgeni Malkin in the House! Thank You for Coming! #evgenimalkin #malkin #hockey #hockeystar #celebrity #marivanna #marivannadc

Posted by Mari Vanna Washington DC on Tuesday, October 27, 2015