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Ramen in Tysons, UrbanDaddy Leaves D.C. and More Intel

Mini news briefs for the morning.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Time to say goodbye

UrbanDaddy has stopped publishing its D.C. edition. The last post was in late September. [UD]

Not just coffee

Starbucks is looking to create more of a nightlife vibe in some of its local locations. Patch notices permit applications for 13 different NoVa Starbucks requesting the ability to serve alcohol.


NoVa has never boasted a great ramen scene (Pho, of course, is another beast entirely) but more options are continuing to pop up recently. Some folks in Don Rockwell's forum are recommending new Tysons Japanese restaurant Kizuna for the soup. [DR]

Where to drink NOW

Thrillist rounds up some of the city's newest happy hour destinations. Think The Riggsby, Bar Deco and others. [Thrillist]