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Tom Sietsema's 2015 Dining Guide is Here

The focus is on the new.

R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Tom Sietsema's fall dining guide is here. Beyond the critic's top ten list, which has been revealed piecemeal over the last couple of weeks, the general emphasis of the guide this year is on the new (though some stalwarts like Komi and Obelisk still find their way into the guide). As reported, Rose's Luxury tops the list, with newcomers like Masseria, Garrison and Riggsby all making the top ten.

Receiving four stars: Rasika (its West End sibling shares a #2 ranking but has just 3.5 stars), Komi, Little Serow, Rose's Luxury, The Inn at Little Washington and Minibar (though that restaurant doesn't make the top ten). Only four restaurants in the critic's top ten were featured in last year's guide (Rose's Luxury, The Inn at Little Washington, Rasika and Little Serow).

Some interesting inclusions: Silver Spring Ethopian restaurant Bete, Merrifield cocktail bar B-Side, the homey Cuba de Ayer, Peruvian restaurant La Limena and Annapolis newcomer Preserve. Splashy debut Maketto earns 2.5 stars in the guide; a "few imperfections are starting to show" in longtime favorite Le Diplomate (2.5 stars).