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Will Pittsburgh's Primanti Bros. Ever End Up in D.C.?

A spokesperson doesn't deny the possibility, but there are no firm plans.

Primanti Bros.
Primanti Bros.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Pittsburgh sandwich giant Primanti Bros. drew the attention of Washington this week with the opening of a location in Hagerstown, Md. While not quite in the greater D.C. area, it's the closest the chain has come to opening near D.C. Might they eventually inch closer?

"It's a consideration...there are no concrete plans," a spokeswoman for the sandwich group told Eater Thursday. "We're still looking to grow in the whole region, but there are no leases yet."

When asked if Virginia or D.C. proper could eventually be on the table, the spokeswoman said it'd be more likely the chain would first progress through Baltimore and then consider locations closer to D.C. But there isn't a timeline or anything yet.

Primanti Bros. sandwiches are huge gut-busters, topped with French fries and cole slaw. The restaurant group's menu is rounded out with items like chili and wings. The majority of the chain's locations are in Pennsylvania, though there are a handful in West Virginia, Florida and Ohio.

In the meantime, Pittsburgh natives can get their fix at Bar Civita, where chef Liam LaCivita does a tribute to his hometown with his own spin on the sandwich on the restaurant's lunch menu.