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The Early Word on Milk Bar in CityCenterDC

"#milkbar #crackpie lives up to its name"

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Milk Bar
Milk Bar
R. Lopez

Christina Tosi's famous bakery Milk Bar, a part of chef David Chang's Momofuku empire, surprised Washingtonians when it opened less than two weeks ago.

Customers immediately rushed to CityCenterDC for compost cookies and crack pie. The lines have been out the door ever since. Some customers have even waited two hours just to get a taste of Tosi's beloved cereal milk soft serve. The D.C. Milk Bar location also has a few special items like yogurt and granola parfaits and Thanksgiving croissants filled with turkey and cranberry sauce.

In such a short time, Milk Bar already amassed a whopping 56 Yelp review with an overall rating of three and a half stars. Read on to see how it measures up to its New York counterpart and see if it's worth the wait:

The Christina Tosi Sightings News: Several guests were thrilled to see Tosi herself behind the counter. Yelper David D. writes, "I got to see Christina Tosi! One of my idols in the culinary world. And she is amazingly nice in person." Instagram user @goodtyming actually saw Momofuku owner David Chang and Tosi there at the same time. Bu Yelper L P. was rather upset the owner wasn’t manning the counter at all times. He writes, "I heard from the girl behind me in line that Tosi was busy selling and signing her books at a lackluster, money grubbing food festival down the street at the Convention Center." [Yelp, Instagram]

The Worth the Wait News: Current wait times appear to range from 30 minutes to two hours, and customers can’t seem to agree whether its worth it. Foursquare user Rachel Clark writes, "Worth the insane two-hour opening day wait" and Instagram user @imm0lly didn't mind waiting 90 minutes for a selection of treats. But Instagram user @settler, who only had a 30 minute wait, felt it wasn't worth it and Yelper Diana J. writes, "Not worth the wait at all. Like others have commented, it's all hype and not worth your time or money." [FS, Instagram, Yelp]

The Blame the Staff News: Several customers hold Milk Bar's staff responsible for the long lines. Instagram user @psycho_panda_streetwear writes, "I see why it would get absurdly long...because the counter personal [sic] are EXTREMELY personable and social with YOU the customer which is cool. So expect dumb long lines." Yelper Austin G. has a different interpretation. He declares, "Milk Bar's staff is slow and arrogant as they take their time serving up your order as a LONG line waits behind you." [Instagram, Yelp]

The D.C. vs. New York News: Customers couldn’t help but compare D.C.'s Milk Bar to the original location. For various reasons, many feel that it just doesn't measure up. Yelper Jessie R. writes, "The cereal milk soft serve and shake in DC SUCK. So bad. They taste sour and bland - the NYC branch makes it so much better. They really didn't transfer that well. " Yelper Daria H. writes, "I have been to milkbar NYC and I was never disappointed but these sweets missed the mark."  [Yelp]

The Shocking Plastic Packaging News: Several customers were angered to see the treats prepackaged in plastic wrap, even though Milk Bar seems to follow the same procedure in New York. Yelper Landon G. writes, "I was shocked after ordering three cookies and truffles to be handed the items wrapped in a plastic wrapper similar to what you would find at a convenience store. " Yelper Jessie R. says, "the DC location is literally taking their products out of plastic prepackaged bags. Woof." Rich Y. says, "I think desserts can't be pre-made and served in plasticbags [sic]. Especially then they are expensive as they are priced." [Yelp]

The Not Sure of the Freshness News: Regardless, the plastic packaging is giving customers the impression that Milk Bar products aren't fresh. Yelper Norah C. writes, "Most of the cookies and cake truffles are prepared in Brooklyn, so not sure of the freshness. " Yelper Eric B. asks "Why am I waiting in line not for fresh baked cookies?? They were okay. Not soft and nothing special." [Yelp]

The Famous Cookies News: Yelper Kimmy L. writes, "I tasted all of their cookie flavors and my favorites are the corn cookie and the cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip" Instagram user @lamore312 writes "I've just bitten the famous #CompostCookie, and though it's good... it's also super sweet,!" but a friend of blogger Picky Runner was happy with her compost cookie. [Yelp, Instagram, Picky Runner]

The Weirdly Salty News: Several customers were surprised by the mix of sweet and salty present in the desserts. Instagram user @mabuinn calls the crunch cereal shake "weirdly salty" and Yelper Margaux W. writes, "The soft serve was kind of salty and boring." But Yelper Betty L. has an explanation: "Most items at Milk Bar generally involves sweet and salty flavors and the cereal milk combo is repeated in a lot of their items.  If you don't like either of these things, then this place ain't for you bruh." [Instagram, Yelp]

The Crack Pie Lives Up to Its Name News: Instagram user @april49ers says "#milkbar #crackpie lives up to its name," and Yelper A D. writes, "Crack pie: delicious, and oaty but it was a tiny slice.  Like 4 bites and you are done. " Blogger DC Wrapped Dates, though, preferred the crack pie soft serve and says, "In some ways, the actual crack pie we also order - a gooey butter cake for those Midwesterners among us - pales in comparison." [Instagram, Yelp, DC Wrapped Dates]

The Bangin' Thanksgiving Croissant News: This holiday special item is emerging as a Milk Bar favorite when customers can get one (many have complained that the bakery sells out quickly). Washingtonian magazine raves about about it: "The result is one of the best Thanksgiving-inspired dishes we’ve tried—crisp on the outside and beautifully moist within, thanks to what we guess is a generous amount of stuffing-butter." Foursquare user Big Phil L calls it "bangin’" " and Yelper Jason G. writes, "The croissant was wonderfully flaky. The filling was the right mix of savory and sweet, with a nice herb undertone." [Washingtonian, FS, Yelp]

The Egg and Cheese Bomb in a League of Its Own News: Don Rockwell forum poster leviathan really liked it and blogger Better Know a City says it’s "delicious." He writes, "It was a surprise and good for those who want a quick breakfast bite in the morning." Blogger Red White and British says, "This thing was in a league of its own! The flavores [sic] are a deleciate [sic] dance of savory, spicy, and just plain yummy." [DR, Better Know a City, Red White and British]

The Pleasantly Surprising Parfaits News: Customers seem more excited about the baked goods than the yogurt parfaits exclusive to D.C. But those who get them like them. Yelper Alison R. was "pleasantly surprised" by the passion fruit jam parfait and Yelper Anita C. says the yuzu flavor was "delicious. [Yelp]

Momofuku Milk Bar

1090 I St NW, Washington, D.C. 20001 (855) 333-6455