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New Chef at Cuba Libre, Ivy City is Cool, More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

Cuba Libre
Cuba Libre
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

In the courts

A former employee is suing Penn Quarter sports bar Redline for alleged racial discrimination. The trial was scheduled to kick off in U.S. District Course, according to a press release, but Washingtonian reports it has been postponed. The restaurant is being accused of discriminatory conduct and racially-biased hiring practices.

Chef shuffles

Brad Smith is the new executive chef at Cuba Libre. His resume includes time at Raku, Addie's and the now-shuttered Cafe Atlantico, as well as Red Square in Miami. He also worked at the flagship Cuba Libre and several other restaurants. He'll add dishes like crab and con tamales and corn chicken. He replaces Matthew Zagorski.

The Hilton empire

The Hilton brothers, who revealed yesterday they're teaming up with Erik Bruner-Yang for projects on U Street, also are planning something by Union Market. Details are few, though [WCP].

Too cool

Look out, Shaw — WaPo proclaims Ivy City as D.C.'s next "cool" neighborhood. Several restaurants are planned for there, but most of the growth is in the hands of developer Doug Jemal. [WaPo]