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Montgomery County Gets Its Own Farm Brewery with Waredaca Brewing Company

Ingredients grown on the farm are in every beer.

Hops at Waredaca Brewing Company
Hops at Waredaca Brewing Company

Montgomery County’s first farm brewery opened last Friday. Waredaca Brewing Company is located on an agricultural preservation farm in Laytonsville. Jessica Snyder (one of five members of the Butts Family who owns the third-generation horse farm) is serving as brewery manager. Brewer Keith Kohr worked at Flying Dog for four years — and also happens to be related to the family by marriage.

All the beer recipes include something grown or produced on the farm. Usually it's hops of course, but there's also lemon verbena in the IPA and the farm's honey in the honey wheat beer. Other beer varieties include a saison and coffee stout.

Snyder says they're releasing a dark saison on Thursday. A holiday spiced ale, Berliner Weisse, and a few other beers will follow in the coming weeks. Waredaca Brewing Company plans to start distributing to local bars after the New Year.

The brewery's tasting room hours are Thursdays and Friday 4-8 p.m., Saturday from 1-8 p.m., and Sunday 1-6 p.m. Pre-packed foods like hummus and locally-produced cheeses and salami are available for purchase there. Outside food is also welcome. More details are available on the brewery's website.

Waredaca Brewing Co

, Laytonsville, MD (301) 774-2337